Monday, April 4, 2011

American Cancer Society Fundraiser and Survivor Birthday Celebration

Last year's Survivor Birthday Cake

Cupcakes for American Cancer Society fundraiser held by Everest College RN students
Ribbon Cupcakes for Pass Area Cancer Survivor Birthday. Each color representing a different cancer.
I was recently asked to make cupcakes for a local celebration of life for cancer survivors. I felt honored to participate in such a special event. I personally think it is important to celebrate the survivors and the families of those afflicted with this disease. This is one of the three events I have participated in for Cancer awareness and fundraisers for the American Cancer Society. We all know and have known of someone with cancer. Being in the medical profession I have seen their struggles up close and know how strong they must be to endure the treatments used to treat this disease. For this, a celebration of their life is so important.

Happy Birthday Survivors!

I really wanted to include the cancer awareness ribbons in my designs and make them a beautiful representation of life. 

Really hope I succeeded in doing that.

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