Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My baking assistants

This Easter season has been one of my busiest yet. Thankfully, I've had plenty of help from my youngest assistants. Time to make some cupcakes! After getting all my ingredients together. Evie and Amber are ready to give a little baking lesson.

After some careful measuring, the girls are ready to crack some eggs. One of my greatest accomplishments as a mom is teaching my girls how to appropriately crack an egg. It took a couple of years but my girls have finally got the hang of it.

While all the ingredients are coming together in the blender...they line the cupcake pans.

Next, is one of their favorite parts of making double chocolate chip cupcakes...adding the chocolate chips.

 Ready to go into the oven!

...And after 20minutes in the oven and cooling down...Evie is a happy girl.The best part about helping mommy out is testing out the cupcakes.

The thumbs up tells me this recipe is hands down pretty yummy. Thanks girls for your help this week...couldn't have done it without you two. Now time to frost and package this little cakes just in time for Easter. ...Till our next little lesson...Happy Easter to all our family and friends!


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