Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buttons Wedding Cake for Arleth G photoshoot

  Recently got to work with a very talented wedding photographer ArlethG who asked me to make a cake for one of her photoshoots.  Felt so honored and so excited to work with a fellow creative soul. As soon as I get the final pics I'll be sure to post more but here are some of my own pics.

  My favorite aspect of this cake are the buttons. Whoever knew buttons would look this great on a wedding cake?

  I made probably close to a hundred cakes but I've recently decided to delve into wedding cakes as a way to evolve my cake making creativity. Researching alot about weddings and cakes has been so enlightening. My husband and I never had a wedding cake so I think I'll live vicariously through my bride clients. Let's see where this journey takes me...        Bea

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